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We do reserve the right to change pricing based on cost of material. Shipping pricing will vary based on size & weight of item/items shipped.

If you have questions about custom orders, please reach out to us via email!

We're a two person show, and one of us also has a 9 to 5, so please remember to give us a little grace with answering times.



"Here's to the land of the long leaf pine, the summer land where the sun doth shine..."
From the mountains, through the pines, to the sea. Usually the top 3 things someone thinks about for North Carolina.



While watching drone footage from @910content and looking through the art on their Instagram, Jo-El started thinking - nothing really represents Wilmington quite like the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. So, we made another design for NC - this time, for our locals. The heart will always lead you home.

From Highway 17, it's the bridge you cross into town. She is still the only connection on the Southside. Her construction started in 1967 and she opened October 1969. Locals were invited to walk across the bridge for the grand opening, called Walk On Day. Bowers Construction Company was contracted for the job, with a team of 250. She was dedicated to the men and women of NC who lost their lives in WW2.

She's a vertical steel lift bridge, the ONLY vertical steel lift bridge in NC - 3,033 ft long, the longest span is 408 ft, it can bear a load of 46.8 tonnes, and will be 52 years old this year. Made of 6,500+ tonnes of steel and concrete, she raises to a height of 160ft above the Cape Fear River. 



When the Hey Y'all Soaps family reached out to us to order a custom design with a lighthouse, it made us think - What other symbols do people associate with the Old North State?

Jo-El's lived here her whole life, so her first thought was the mountains, since we're home to the Appalachian mountains, or the Great Smokies, or the Blue Ridge - whichever you like to call them! Fun Fact -- the Blue Ridge is blue because the hydrocarbon isoprene is emitted by trees as a way to protect themselves from the stress of excess heat, and as it's released into the air it interacts with other air molecules to create that distinctive blue haze.

Then the dogwood flower. North Carolinians know it's not really spring until the dogwoods bloom!

And of course, we kept the lighthouse - Cape Hatteras, the tallest lighthouse in the country.



You can find us at the Tavern 14 Makers Market the second Saturday of each month through December.

Check out or Instagram or Facebook to see where else we may end up!

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